Erasure and Destruction Verification

IRONCLAD is fully integrated with Garner's complete line of hard drive & tape degaussers, and hard drives & solid-state physical destroyers. IRONCLAD's Universal model operates independently as an electronic witness of your existing media destruction process.

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Hard Drive Degaussers & Tape Degaussers

For total data erasure, degaussing delivers the permanence government and industry security standards demand. Degaussing quickly and completely alters the magnetic field contained on hard drive platters and tape so that data can never be recovered. As the leading supplier of hard drive degaussers and tape degaussers, we offer a selection of reliably built degaussers to satisfy a range of security needs and budgets.

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Hard Drive Destroyers

As the final step before hard drive disposal, our destroyers physically bend, break and mangle hard drives, including data platters and other internal components. Listed on the NSA/CSS Evaluated Product List (EPL), our hard drive destroyers take data security to the extreme. 

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We offer combination degaussers and physcial destoyer packages to meet the evolving needs of our cutomers.

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RCC Data Elimination Cart


Solid-State and Flash Destroyers

Meet the challenges of data elimination before disposing of solid-state, flash, compact flash, and USB thumb drives, as well as the controller boards of solid-state hybrid drives (SSHDs). Our solid state and flash destroyer features 90 pins of piercing power to perforate the data chips and waffle media, ensuring that no one will ever recover your data.

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