Garner Products GSA Contract

We are pleased to work with the government to ensure our nation’s security. Our products are on the GSA list and are TAA compliant. Designed and manufactured at our facility in California by our skilled team of engineers, machinists, and production assemblers, our products are built to last. Garner’s products can be shipped around the world as they carry the CE and ETL Mark and are certified to UL, IEC, and CSA standards. 

Period Covered by Contract: October 8, 2019 - October 7, 2024

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Some GSA highlights:

TS-1XT NSA Listed Degausser

The Garner TS-1XT NSA Listed degausser, an NSA Listed high security degausser, delivers 20,000 gauss (2 tesla) to completely erase hard drives in under 15 seconds. Compact and portable, the TS-1XT can be transported to the location of the media for on-site erasure.

PD-5 NSA Listed Destroyer

The Garner PD-5 HDD destroyer is NSA Listed as a hard drive destruction device. The PD-5 crushes hard drives in under 20 seconds, including the latest helium (He) drives. The PD-5 also provides visual confirmation of destruction after magnetic drives have been degaussed.

Add the optional SSD-1 solid state destroyer (a platform of 90 spikes to puncture, perforate and waffle media) to destroy solid state drives. Solid state drives are not magnetic and cannot be degaussed.

HD-2XT  Degausser

The Garner HD-2XT high-speed degausser is economical and durable. It generates 10,000+ gauss (1 tesla) for complete hard drive data elimination in only 8 seconds. The HD-2XT is portable, lightweight (34 lbs.) and office quiet. 

HD-3XTL Bulk Degausser

The Garner HD-3XTL bulk degausser is also a 10,000 gauss degausser and degausses in only 3 seconds. The oversized media slot can accommodate hard drives up to 1.7 inches high. Inserting the media into the media slot automatically initiates the degauss cycle.

IRONCLAD Erasure and Destruction Verification

Garner’s exclusive IRONCLAD  erasure and destruction verification system. IRONCLAD creates customizable certificates of erasure and destruction, complete with JPG images of the media after destruction, providing proof the media was properly sanitized. All Garner Products are IRONCLAD compatible.

Destruction Mobility Options

Garner Product’s cases and carts (EDC Enclosed Destruction Cart and the RCC Data Eliminator Cart) are designed to give you field mobility in every type of situation from the office to the battlefield.




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