We introduced our first commercial degausser more than 40 years ago. Today, we offer combination degaussers and physical destroyer packages to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

EDC Package Enclosed Destruction Cart

Degauss, Destroy, & Verify

Maintain chain-of-custody with in‑house mobile destruction. Garner's Enclosed Destruction Cart (EDC) can be customized to fit your unique data destruction needs.  Leave no data behind!

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Degausser & Destroyer SPACESAVER IRONCLAD

Regulatory Compliance in a Small Footprint

SPACESAVER IRONCLAD regulatory compliance in a small footprint.

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RCC Data Eliminator Cart


Your choice of destruction equipment securely mounts to the cart creating a comprehensive mobile media sanitization solution.

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Degauss Destroy Recycle DDR Workstations

All-in-One Compliance Packages

Degauss Destroy Recycle Workstation features an ergonomic, locking workstation that securely houses media awaiting processing.

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Mobile Degaussing & Destruction Equipment DDM

Mobility Packages

Degauss Destroy Mobility die-cut, foam-lined cases stabilize equipment for safe transit and provide a mobile workstation.

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Hard Drive & Solid-State Media Destruction Package SPACESAVER

Regulatory Compliance in a Small Footprint

SPACESAVER regulatory compliance in a small footprint.

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